Saturday at Heaven Club

On Saturday, we will plunge into the atmosphere of the fabulous island of Bali, because for the first time we have a real Balinese star Alexander Alar. Another headliner of this magical night will be the duo DRUBON from Kharkov, which has already collected many rave reviews and loved by guests of Heaven.

Alexander Alar – producer, DJ, creator of the “Cekta Bali” community. The inspiration of the island, considered the creative chakra of our planet, so energizes the artist that his very first tracks “London” and “New York” hit the Beatport charts, and “London” is included in the Top 20 best-selling tracks of 2019.
Alar calls all of its tracks the names of cities, trying to convey the atmosphere of this or that place according to the inner feeling, without wasting time on flights, but content only with films or photographs! Such a gift can be characterized as digital messenger of modernity. After three years of living on the magical island of Bali, the artist has developed a certain role as “Balinese King of Shaman Techno”.
DRUBON is a Kharkov project created by two DJs YadzZ (The Garden) and Jack Rasta from Kharkov. DRUBON is a symbiosis of musical styles based on the desire to promote club culture; innovative sound and intelligence in styles: melodic house & techno, indie dance, afro house, deep house and progressive house. DRUBON are also the ideologists of the Black & White project – a series of parties based on the fusion of traditional motives in electronic music.
ENTRANCE for girls is free, for guys – 300 UAH.
Face Control / Dress Code
Info / Rsrv: +38 (067) 217 ​​31 13
Borysa Grinchenko St, 7

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