Joker Valentine’s Day performance art

This time we prepared something special for Valentine’s Day! On February 14, HEAVEN TERRACE will turn into a real theater for one evening and we will present to the audience a vivid art performance in two acts with an intermission called Joker.

Famous choreographers, screenwriters, theater and film directors, as well as artists of different genres: professional dancers, dramatic actors and acrobats worked on the production. Intriguing stories that lead to self-knowledge, strong drama, spectacular acrobatic stunts and choreography, stunning expensive handmade costumes – all this makes the show theater unique and inimitable.

Spend this evening with us and together with KATANA FANTASY THEATER we will give you and your soulmate the most unforgettable emotions and impressions!

Tickets can be purchased at the link: https://katanatheatre.qrticket.com.ua/event/32439-348691-1579427180/
Start: 19:00

Action I: The Joker.
Screenwriter – Olga Gdulya
Stage Director and Choreographer – Alexander Tchaikovsky
The author of the idea, artistic director of the KATANA FANTASY THEATER show theater, costume designer – Katana

What would you wish, being at the top, when you already have all the best, money, the most beautiful women and power? When the feeling of satiety becomes your constant companion. Even more pleasures, new sensations, entertainments of power?
Another private party in a closed club is in full swing, and your friend, as always, promises not to fail, offering something special this time, it seems unbridled fun is guaranteed and the night promises to be hot!

Action II: Mannequins
Screenwriter and Director: Evgeny Skif
Choreographer – Alina Oleinik
The author of the idea, artistic director of the KATANA FANTASY THEATER show theater, costume designer – Katana

A strange journey into the mysterious world of the dungeon, where mannequins live, at first glance they are ordinary motionless figures, some characters of ancient myths, heroes of comics, and maybe they are just a figment of the fantasy of our tipsy hero. It seems that they have stood here for thousands of years and nothing is able to awaken this centuries-old sleepy realm of beauty. However, human curiosity prevails, alcohol in the blood adds courage and courage.
The denouement is tragic, our hero himself becomes one of them. Why? What happened Do we ourselves sometimes turn into biorobots, people without desires, falling into the trap of our own consciousness?

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