Nakadia at Heaven

On May 29, we will finally receive our most important and long-awaited gift for the 7th anniversary of Heaven! We waited almost two months due to the excellent performance due to the quarantine, and now we are ready to meet our main guest Nakadia, albeit with a delay, but with even greater enthusiasm and desire!
Imagine a sunset in a small Thai village. An ordinary girl who thinks more broadly, fixed her gaze into the distance towards the sun in dreams of conquering the world with music … Since childhood, she carried her irrepressible energy, teleporting her to Europe in the mid-2000s, where she met techno. A stormy journey began. Having become a pioneer of the musical underground on her native island of Koh Samui, she entered the world arena in a very short time and has already toured more than 70 countries.
In addition to participating in some of the world’s most respected festivals – Tomorrowland and the largest Australian festival Rainbow Serpent Nakadia, he is a frequent guest of parties in Ibiza. This says a lot and there is no longer any doubt who is the cherry on top of our festive musical cake by Heaven family.

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