Hookah bar in Kiev

Remarkable among the capital clubbing crowd, Night Club Heaven is known for hosting the most iconic parties in Kiev. First of all, the venue is famous due to its bright nights, late dancing, high quality sound together with diverse range of cocktails. Your are welcomed to our place furthermore if you want to wind down and try fragrant water pipes. This is a standout hookah place in Kiev if you`d like to dive in chill-out ambience of flavored smoke of all tastes. Moreover, if you`re feeling hungry after some puffs, make sure to taste our exceptional cuisine in the restaurant before partying into the night.

Heaven – the place where Reasonable Hookah Prices meet Exceptional Service

There`s no better way to end a busy day than immersing yourself in a cloud of sweet-smelling smoke with a fresh drink in hand.

Meet Best Hookah in Kiev

High quality, rich fragrant together with original tastes are our priorities. The more tasteful and qualitative tobacco is chosen for hookah, the more delight you will get from smoke. That`s why the choice of tobacco mix is extremely important. Our professional hookah mixologists put their heart to every water pipe. And as a result, you can deeply relax and enjoy both the process of smoking and the tobacco taste.

We use only top-rank international and local tobaccos of established brands. A great variety of mono-fragrances along with versatile mixes are at our guests` disposal. All fragrances and tastes can be divided into several groups:

  1. Sweet (strawberry, peach, blueberry, chocolate).
  2. Sour (lime, cherry, redberry).
  3. Spiced (herbal tea, cinnamon, spiced tea, nutmeg).
  4. Fresh (mint, green apple, grapefruit, orange).
  5. Special (coffee, bakery wares and other “edible” aromas).

At Heaven Hookah bar you can choose both traditional pottery bowls, tested by the years of experience, together with popular exotic fruit ones (grapefruit, pineapple, pomegranate, melon etc.). And true connoisseurs can even try different flask fillings. Is it a milk filling, fruit juice, wine or rum, they can add some special notes to known tastes and give you more delight from smoke. And if you have any doubts which taste is better or what fragrance to choose, our friendly and experienced hookah masters will always help you to make a right choice.


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