New Year 2021. This is when you want to speak in poetry and fill the space with hugs. When the warmth transmitted by the hearts envelops everything around, and you sincerely believe in the infinity of music. This year, our skies will traditionally burst into a storm of emotions and bright flashes in our consciousness. Heaven family loves this business, you yourself know everything. December 31, Key M, Cherry, Xenia, R.A.N. Varya, Evka, Jam Rumi, Simon and Franc are in a united musical rush from 11:00 pm until the moment when the first day of 2021 fully comes into its own. Our team has ambitious hopes for the next year, because in February we are celebrating a happy date – the 7th anniversary of Heaven. And now we are fully preparing our space for the noisy New Year in order to make the club even more comfortable and atmospheric. Join the party as you are the main ingredient in this sparkling nightly cocktail. +38 (067) 217 ​​31 13

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