Halloween At Heaven

A night that captivates with the atmosphere and the warm feeling that you have become a part of a special action. A night that will drag you into secret musical labyrinths!
Sometimes a magical side wakes up inside you, and we follow it with our eyes closed. On October 31st, she will take you to a very special party that rivals even Heaven’s Birthday in its atmosphere. It’s Halloween! Heaven family will fulfill any fantasy. The first of them – the whole night will turn into one big b2b, or even b3b from our residents replacing each other at the control panel. The most unusual images will take you captive in every square meter of our Halloween horor space. This is the very event that is cool to watch from the outside, even without taking part in the role of some reckless hero.
Friends, relax and tune in to something special!
Kon ‘b2b Key M
Bolotin b2b MJunior
Cherry b2b Xenia b2b R.A.N
Kinree b2b Wacky J
Evka b2b Nessa
Entrance: girls – 100, men – 300 UAH.
Face Control / Dress Code / 21+
Information and the most comfortable tables:
+38 (067) 217 ​​31 13

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